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Sandra Edmondson

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About Sandra

Sandra Edmondson is a new, aspiring writer who specializes in realistic fiction designed for struggling readers. She taught English and Reading to elementary and middle school grade level students with dyslexia as well as, physical, emotional, and educational disabilities. After receiving several Teacher of the Month awards over the years, she was named Teacher of the Year in 2013. After retiring from teaching special education for thirty years, she decided it was time to try something new, writing.
Having grown up in New York, California, and finally Texas, she enjoys traveling and exploring the states. She graduated from Texas Woman’s University and has a B.S. degree in Special Education with a minor in Psychology. She enjoys cooking and has been a part of a supper club that meets once a month for over 14 years.

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"U So Whack brilliantly explores the strange, different, funny world of teaching.." 

Kelli Pickard


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